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How We Help You Travel Abroad

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How We Work – We Are There Every Step of the Way

travukwik provides support through the visa application process. We give you informed advise on profiling for visa. We help you gather your supporting documents. We help you apply without making mistakes. This is the most comprehensive support you can find for visa application!


Identify travel option

Study, visit, maternity tourism? We find out if you are eligible and guide accordingly


Gather documents

For any visa type, we identify the documents you need to apply. Then help you get some of them


Prepare for interview

For visa application that demands it, we prepare you for embassy interview. 


Apply for visa

We provide direction on how to submit an application, where to visit, and many more.

Things We Do

Documentation for visa application

Documentation influences the outcome of your visa application. So, we help procure verifiable documents for visa application.

School admission & student visa

We have partner institutions in Europe, Canada, and U.S.A. This makes it easier to help you gain admission and get a student visa.

Tourist, business, & other short-stay visas

For tourist, visit or business visa, we guide you through application process. If you have no visa experience, you won’t have to worry with our help.

Maternity tourism

We constantly network with medical practitioners in the U.S, Canada, and Europe for safe delivery abroad. And also secure a second passport for your child.


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