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How to apply for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria, why study in Lithuania, the costs of a Lithuanian study visa, etc. are the reasons you are reading this post. This article entails detailed information on how to apply for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria. Before we delve into the topic, let’s say a few things about Lithuania.

A brief overview of Lithuania

Lithuania lies on the eastern shore of the Baltic sea and it’s one of the three Baltic countries along with Estonia and Latvia. Although the country is small, Lithuania will leave you satisfied as you find yourself walking in a country full of colorful castles, fortresses, houses, and cobblestone streets.

Why study in Lithuania?

Before applying for a Lithuania student visa in Nigeria, you need to know what your chosen study destination offers. If you are looking for a budget-friendly European study destination, it is safe to say Lithuania is a great place for you. Tuition fees and costs of living in Lithuania are among the most affordable in Europe. The bonus here is that studying in Lithuania will enable you to explore Northern Europe.

Who can apply for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria?

Even though Lithuania welcomes Nigerian citizens who intend to study in the country, not all Nigerian citizens can apply for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria. The question then is, who is eligible to apply for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria? The answer is right here! The following Nigerian citizens are eligible to apply:

  • Nigerian citizen that has been granted admission to study in any of the Lithuanian higher institutions.
  • Nigerian citizen who has enough funds to finance himself or has a sponsor that can finance him throughout his study period in Lithuania.
  • Nigerian citizen that has/or has a plan for accommodation in Lithuania.
  • Nigerian citizen that is in good health condition with no history of contagious disease.
  • A law-abiding Nigerian citizen with no criminal record.
  • A Nigerian citizen with enough funds to travel and return from Lithuania.

How to apply for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria: step-by-step process

steps to apply for lithuania student visa in nigeria

There are easy steps to apply for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria. the steps are as follow:

Gain admission – The ultimate reason you want to obtain a Lithuanian student visa is that you want to study in the country. Until you secure your admission into any recognized institution in Lithuania, you cannot be issued a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria.

Fill the online forms – When it comes to a Lithuanian student visa, you are to complete two forms online; the online application form and the OFII form. You should download and fill the online application form correctly in block letters and print it out along with the barcode generated on it. Then, you should proceed to download the OFII form and fill the top part of the form

Gather supporting documents – Thirdly, prepare the documents needed to process your visa. Documents like your previous academic certificates, admission letter, cover letter, and travel itinerary will be used along with the online application forms to process your application. Failure to provide any of these documents may cause a delay during your application process.

Pay the visa application charge – As part of the application process, you’ll need to pay a non-refundable visa fee. The Lithuanian authorities may allow you to pay the visa fee online, on location at the VAC center in Nigeria, or through a bank transfer.

Submit your supporting documents – The last step on how to apply for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria is visiting the VAC to submit your forms along with other necessary documents. If applicable, you’ll supply your biometric data at the Visa Application Center.

Lithuanian student visa processing time

Lithuanian student visa application processing time can take up to 2-4 weeks. On rare occasions, it may take up to a month depending on the nature of your application. When applying for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria, we advise you to apply earlier because the processing time may take longer than expected.

Lithuanian student visa fee

The cost of a Lithuanian student visa fee in Nigeria may depend on the exchange rate at the time of application, biometric charges, and other service charges. The current Lithuanian student visa fee in Nigeria is NGN 21,900. Be informed that the visa fee may change at any time.

Lithuanian student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens

nigerian with student visa holding lithuania flag

Before your visa application can get the approval of the Lithuanian authorities, you must meet certain requirements while applying for the visa. When applying for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria, you must provide the following documents:

Two (2) duly filled and signed visa application form and the OFII form

Admission letter – Your acceptance letter to any recognized Lithuanian institution with proof of tuition fee payment.

Valid original passport – You must present a valid original international passport with at least 6 months validity and two blank spaces.

Photograph ­- You’re required to submit a valid 3.5 x 4.5 cm with a plain white background.

Motivation letter – A statement of purpose explaining why you chose Lithuania, what you intend to study, and detailed information about your travel itinerary.

Proof of accommodation – You must provide a document indicating the place and condition of residency during your first 3 months. The document must contain your name and the address of your accommodation

Proof of sufficient funds – When applying for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria, you must present proof of sufficient funds to cover your study and living expenses in Lithuania.

Bank statement – A 3-month bank statement signed by your bank. In case of a scholarship, you must present the bank statement of your sponsor.

Proof of flight reservation – This document will contain your departure and arrival date in Nigeria, the name of your airline, and the passenger name record if applicable.

Other requirements may include health status proof, certificate of social ties e.g. birth and marriage certificate, certificates of the previous school attended, police clearance.

Note: Ensure you are honest during your application process; do not falsify any of your documents.


Now you know the necessary information about a Lithuanian visa, you can go ahead to apply for a Lithuanian student visa in Nigeria. We can assist you during your application process. We can also help to book your appointment and get your supporting documents.