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Do you find it hard to make UK visa fee payment in Nigeria? You are not alone. Many UK visa applicants in Nigeria have given up on their UK student and standard visitor visa applications due to the visa fee payments difficulty.

Both the IHS Fees (NHS surcharge) and the visa fees must be paid by applicants travelling for study. Other visa categories, such as visitor’s visas, merely need payment of a visa fee. Regardless of the payment method, UK visa fee payment in Nigeria has continued to prove difficult for a variety of reasons. Many people have gotten stuck on their UK visa application as a result of this.

It also does not help that you must first pay the visa fee before you can book an appointment or submit application at the UK visa application centres in Nigeria.

As a result, if the system rejects your visa fee payment, you will be stranded. However, you can overcome this issue right now.  In fact, several people have already done this. Do you want to know how to pay your UK visa fee? Continue reading to find out.

How to pay UK visa fee in Nigeria?

You can pay for the UK visa online. Visit to fill out an online application form. Then you can go ahead to make UK visa fee payment in Nigeria.

It is worthy to note that you cannot edit your application form once you pay your UK visa fee online. Therefore, download the application form to check for errors before going right ahead to pay.

UK visa fees in Nigeria

The standard visitor visa is the most common type of UK visa in Nigeria. Nigerians can apply for UK visitor visas for any of the following:

  • Short-term study
  • Marriage
  • medical treatment, and
  • Approved paid engagement.

The other type of UK visa that Nigerians often apply for is the UK student visa. In fact, hundreds of thousands of Nigerians visit the UK yearly for study.

Standard Visitor Visa fee

For vacation, visiting relatives, or business meetings, a Nigerian can apply for a standard visitor visa in the United Kingdom. You can get different visa durations (6 months, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years) under the UK standard visitor visa depending on your travel needs and frequency.

The rules for multiple entry visas in the United Kingdom apply to all forms of UK standard or tourist visas. You cannot remain in the UK longer than 6 months per visit.

Since October 2021, the cost of a six-month tourist or visitor visa in Nigeria will be US$133, also known as the cost of an England or London visa. Frequent visitors from Nigeria to the United Kingdom can apply for a long-term visitor visa to visit relatives and engage in permitted commercial activities.

A long-term 2, 5, or 10-year tourist or visiting visa application in Nigeria costs $504, $914, and $1148, respectively.

Furthermore, the processing period for a UK visiting visa from Nigeria is normally under three weeks. The processing time for a UK priority tourist or visitor visa from Nigeria is usually 5 working days.

UK Priority Tourist Visa Fees in Nigeria

Priority service costs $307 for obtaining a UK tourist or visit visa in Nigeria within 5 working days. As a result, the UK priority visa fees for 6 months, 2, 5, and 10 years for UK tourist visa applications in Nigeria are:

  • 6 months:            US$440
  • 2 years:                US$811
  • 5 years:                US$1,221
  • 10 years:              US$1,455

UK Super Priority Visit Visa Fees in Nigeria

For a tourist or guest visa in Nigeria, the fee of the UK super priority service is US$1,335. Since 2021, the UK super-priority has been:

  • 6 month:              US$1,468
  • 2 years:                US$1,839  
  • 5 year:                  US$2,249
  • 10 year:                US$2,483

Marriage Visitor Visa

If a Nigerian travels to the United Kingdom to marry, join a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership, they must apply for a marriage visitor visa. In Nigerian, the UK marriage visitor visa fee is US$133. Since this visa is under the UK standard visitor visa, you can stay in the UK for 6 months on a visa for marriage purposes. The processing time for a UK marriage guest visa from Nigeria is normally 15 working days.

Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa UK

If a Nigerian travels to the UK for private medical treatment and check-ups for more than 6 months but not more than 11 months, they must apply for a medical visitor visa. Fees for Nigerians seeking private medical treatment in the United Kingdom is US$265. On a private medical treatment visa, a Nigerian can stay in the UK for up to 11 months.

Please note that the Immigration Rules do not allow a visitor who is traveling to the UK for private medical treatment to be accompanied by a family member, friend, or nurse. As a result, any relative or friend who wishes to accompany the applicant must also apply for a visa. The processing time for a UK medical visitor visa from Nigeria is normally 15 working days.

Visiting Academic Visitor Visa UK

A Nigerian can apply for an academic visitor visa in the United Kingdom for up to one year for research and formal exchange arrangements. The cost of a UK Academic Visitor Visa for Nigerians is $265. On an academic visitor visa, a Nigerian academic (and any accompanying partner or child) can stay in the UK for up to a year. The processing time for a UK Visiting Academic Visitor Visa from Nigeria is normally one month.

Permitted Paid Engagement Visitor Visa UK

Under Appendix 3 of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules, a Nigerian can apply for a Permitted Paid Engagement Visitor Visa UK for up to 30 days. To obtain Paid Engagement Visitor Visa Fees from Nigeria, the UK government requires you to pay US$133 in visa fees.

The Permitted Paid Engagement Visitor Visa is available to Nigerian professionals such as visiting examiners, assessors, lecturers, designated air pilot examiners, qualified lawyers, artists, entertainers, and sports professionals. A paid engagement visitor visa from Nigeria typically takes 15 working days to process.

Parent of a Child Student Visa

If your child attends an independent fee-paying day school in the UK, you can apply for a Parent of Tier 4 child visa for up to 12 months. The cost of a parent of a Tier 4 child student visa in Nigeria is US$720. The processing time for a parent of a Tier 4 child student visa from Nigeria is normally 15 working days.

UK Transit Visa Fees in Nigeria

The cost of a Direct Airside Transit (DATV) Visa to the United Kingdom from Nigeria will be US$49 beginning October 11, 2021. The UK visa fees for Nigeria 2021 are US$89 for ‘Visitor in Transit’ and ‘Joining a Ship or Aircraft as a Member of the Crew of said Ship or Aircraft.’

Please note that Nigerians with a valid regular, marriage, or medical visiting visa are permitted to transit the United Kingdom and do not require a transit visa. The processing time for a UK transit visa from Nigeria is 15 working days.

UK visa payment options

There are ways you can make your UK visa payment options.

1# – Use a Local Dollar Domiciled Credit Card: Credit/debit cards financed in dollars are available from our Nigerian banks. However, there is a catch: you must first open a dollar account with the bank. Meanwhile, if you have a valid debit card, you can request that your bank link it to your dollar account. Then proceed to buy dollars and deposit them in your dollar account. And then use the card to pay for your UK visa.

2# – Use a Foreign Card: Most people choose to use the Bank of America Visa card to pay. This will help you make your UK visa fee payment if you can get hold of one. Otherwise, get friends you trust and who can help abroad to pay.

3#- Pay your UK visa fee with Travukwik: We recommend that you make your UK visa fee payment in Nigeria through Travukwik. Travukwik has a service to pay for UK visa fees to help you save time and money on opening a dollar-domiciled bank account. Through our service, you can also shave off the high fees associated with maintaining a dollar card with Nigerian banks.

How UK visa payment through Travukwik Works

uk visa fee payment in Nigeria through travukwik step by step

Generally, applicants prefer to use our services because it is safe, secure, and timely. We often pay using our funds then you send us the Naira equivalence once payment is with our own money.

Here is the simple process to make UK visa fee payment in Nigeria through Travukwik:

#1 – Visit our office:  Our office address is 9, Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos.

#2 – Share your visa application link: We would request for the link to your visa application to enable us access your application and pay.

#3 – Get payment notification from embassy: You will receive an email to confirm successful payment of your UK visa fee.  Then you can also log in to verify payment.

Often, we pay using our funds before asking that you pay us the naira equivalence and our service charge. However, we may ask that you pay us first before we complete payment (depending on visa fee duration).

Also, kindly note that it is compulsory that you complete your application before you ask us to pay for you. Meanwhile, you may ask us to help you complete your application form for extra fee.  Rest assured that our rates are very affordable and we do not charge percentage on visa payment as it is sometimes done by many agencies.

How much is UK student visa fee in Nigeria?

woman holding money for UK visa fee payment in Nigeria

You must pay the UK student visa fee before you can study in Wales, London, or any other places in the United Kingdom. The visa fee is US$486. In case you would apply with a relative, dependants’ UK student visa fee is also US$486.

The UK priority and super-priority student (Tier 4) immigration costs in Nigeria will be US$793 and US$1,821 correspondingly.

In addition to this, Nigerian applicants need to pay for, the Immigration Health Charge (also known as the Immigration Health Surcharge or IHS). This costs £624 per year for each year of stay in the UK. Likewise, the IHS for a student dependent visa from Nigeria is £624 per year as well, for each year of stay in the UK.

UK visa requirements for Nigerian citizens

The following is a list some of the UK visa requirements for Nigerian applicants. These are documents you should have before making UK visa fee payment in Nigeria:

  • International passport:

It is necessary to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months as at the time of application.

  • Evidence of employment:

Introduction letter from work, leave letter, and employment letter are documents showing proof of employment. You may submit all of these. But the introduction letter is the most important.

  • Bank statement/proof of funds

Your bank should provide you with a six-month bank statement. In case you run a corporate account, get a reference letter as well.

If your company issues payslip, include corresponding payslip too. But note that your payslip cannot replace a bank statement.

In case you want further clarification on this, you may contact us at travukwik.

  • Invitation letter from a host in the UK

If you have been invited, request an invitation letter from your host. Your host must include your personal details in the invitation letter. They should add their relationship with you; your arrival and departure date; as well as other necessary information in the letter.

  • Hotel reservation

If you do not have any host in the UK, then you need to make a hotel reservation. And submit a verifiable document confirmation to the embassy.  Travukwik helps with verifiable hotel reservation for UK visa as well.

Click here for detailed information on UK student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens.


While it may be tough to make UK visa fee payment in Nigeria, Travukwik can help you pay without waste of time.  If you would rather complete this payment yourself, then you can visit your bank to open a domiciliary account: although it may take time and cost extra charge.