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UK student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens are documents to apply for the UK study permit. Without them, you cannot apply for your visa or visit the UK to study.

This article contains everything about UK student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens. It includes:

  • Documents required for UK student visa in Nigeria.
  • UK student visa financial requirements
  • UK student visa new rules as at 2021
  • UK student visa processing time in Nigeria

Documents required for UK student visa in Nigeria

Documents required for UK student visa Nigeria

The United Kingdom immigration authorities use UK student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens to determine your visa eligibility.

This verification cut across many factors. They include your ability to pay tuition fees and to provide for you living expense in the UK.

More importantly, the immigration authorities confirm that have sound academic qualification. And your intention to study in the UK is genuine.

With the above information, you should already have a general idea of the documents you likely. If you are in doubt, keep reading for full information on each of these documents.

As earlier stated, the immigration authorities try to select the best candidates. And they have employed Consular officers to help them do this.

These officers have the training to spot the most deserving applicants. This training is rooted in their ability to inspect the supporting documents.

We have shared the UK student visa checklist below. You can bookmark this page to save this post and revert to it as soon as you want to apply.

Get the UK student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens as soon as you plan to study in the UK. This becomes important immediately after you have an admission from a school in the UK.

UK student visa checklist

#1 – International passport

The international passport should be valid for an application. The ideal passport has six months or more validity as at time of visa application.  Also, it should contain at least one blank page for visa stamp.

The international passport is the most important UK student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens.

 #2 – Valid admission from an educational institution in the UK

This serves as evidence of purpose of visiting the UK. You can prove that you have an admission by providing the offer letter from a university in the UK.

You may also provide a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). The school offering you an admission issues the CAS after you pay your tuition fee.

#3 – Visa application form and document checklist

There is an application form online that you must complete. Fill it out, print it, and include it in your application.

#4 – Proof of funds

Two are the most common types of proof of funds

  • Personal statement of account
  • Sponsor’s statement of account

Whichever you can provide is acceptable. But make it a recent statement covering the last six months.

A sponsorship consent letter is necessary if including a sponsor’s statement of account.

#5 – ATAS Certificate

This document does not apply to every applicant. It concerns certain courses only. So, make it a duty to ask from your school in the UK if you need the ATAS certificate.

#6 – Tuberculosis test result

A test result on tuberculosis is important. You can run the test in either Abuja or Lagos:

  • Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC), 1, Isaac John Street, G.R.A, Ikeja, Lagos
  • 55, Hassan Musa Katsina Road, Asokoro, Abuja

#7 – Certificate of social ties

This does not apply to everyone as well. But these certificate covers

  • Marriage certificate
  • Children’s birth certificate

#8 – Other documents

There are other documents that apply to some applicants

  • Consent letter
  • Proof employment

These documents can be necessary if you are a teenager below 18. You may need them as well if you have an employment or own a business in Nigeria.

These are UK student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens. For guidance on document that you need to get a UK student visa in Nigeria, contact travukwik.

UK student visa new rules as at 2021

UK student visa new rules 2021

As you already know, UK student visa (or study permit) helps you study in the United Kingdom. But the UK government keeps reviewing what you can do with the UK visa.

Also, they keep updating what the visa disallows to fit their immigration and economic needs from time to time.

Keep reading to learn about UK student visa rules as at 2021. We would keep updating this guide and publish others to inform about subsequent UK student visa rules.

Work during study/UK student visa study hours

You can work for 20 hours a week when you take an undergrad or postgrad course in the UK. According the rules, one week means seven days from Monday.

As an undergraduate, you can work as an intern. It is also find to hold paying part-time jobs. And you may choose to volunteer for unpaid employments.

The best part, in UK student visa rules for 2021, is there are more job benefits during holidays. During breaks, you can take full-time jobs. But holidays depend on your level and course.

So, ensure that you consult with your school for proper explanation on how much work you can do during holidays.

Meanwhile, the updated UK student visa rules exempt you from certain jobs. You cannot be self-employed (entrepreneur). There is no room for becoming an athlete while you study.

Other blacklisted profession include: artist/entertainer, doctor, dentist, and so on. But you may practice as a dentist if your course mandates field work.

Converting UK study permit to UK residence permit

In the UK student visa rules, there is no clear route for conversion of study permit to residence permit while studying.

Some had reasons to expect that the UK authorities include a program for such conversion. This would well copy what obtains in the U.S. and Australia. But this is not the case.

But, the UK government has introduced a rewarding post-study work permit that excites many international students. The post-study work permit is the highlight of the UK student visa rule in 2021.

UK post-study work permit: tier 4 visa extension new rules

Holders of the UK student visa can now benefit from UKs post-work study permit. This permit lasts for two or three years, depending on level of study.

The permit grants bachelors and masters holders two years window to stay in the UK. They may stay as employees or job hunt during the time.

However, PhD holders can remain in the UK to work for three years after their program. But the post-study permit warrants that holders apply for Tier 2 General Work visa if they want to remain in the UK.

Financial requirements for UK student visa: bank balance required for UK student visa

Financial requirements UK student visa for Nigerian citizens

One key UK student visa requirement for Nigerian citizen is finances. To get the UK student visa in Nigeria, you need around ₦8,000,000 in account for 28 consecutive days.

As you may already know, the visa takes 15 working days to process after submission. The standard is that you maintain a closing balance not less than ₦8,000,000 during the period.

Again, it could be in a personal or sponsor’s bank account. And we usually recommend a close relative. Makes it easier to establish relations or ties.

Finally, it does not matter if the money is a lump-sum or inflow is gradual.

How much is student visa for the UK?

For the UK student visa, you pay a £348 fee. This is an administrative charge to process application.

Also, you need to pay the immigration health surcharge (IHS). It costs £3,120.

How many years visa does UK give for Students?

The UK government makes provision, through the study permit, for your stay in the UK to accommodate study plans.

This means, it lets you stay for as long as your education demands in the UK. So for whatever period you plan to study (2, 3 of 4 years), the visa lets you do it. The visa officer considers the period stated on your admission letter.

Meanwhile, it is possible to acquire a post-graduate visa and a Tier 4 General work visa after studies.

Take away

UK student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens concern study permit applicants in Nigeria.

Meeting these requirements means gathering these documents. The good thing is that the UK embassy tends to grant visas to those who meet the requirements.

For more on requirements for UK student visa, contact travukwik.