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Apply for a UK student visa in Nigeria by following the steps in this article. The United Kingdom student visa is for teenage and adult applicants who wish to study in the UK.

With the UK student visa, you can to stay in the UK for as long as your education demands. This could be for a period of two or more years. But apply for a UK standard visitor visa in Nigeria instead if your studies will take less than six months.

Will your choice of studies last longer than six months? Then read on to learn how to apply for a UK student visa in Nigeria. This article covers the requirement for UK student visa in Nigeria, success rate of UK student visa in Nigeria, and UK student visa processing time.

Requirements for UK student visa from Nigeria

Requirements for UK student visa in Nigeria

Also supporting documents, these are UK visa requirements for Nigerian citizens traveling for studies. These are documents you need for your UK student visa application:

#1 International Passport: You need a valid international passport. It is valid when the passport expiry date is beyond six months after the date you plan to arrive in the UK.

#2 Admission letter: For your UK student visa application in Nigeria, you need a valid admission letter from a recognized institution in UK.

#3 Statement of account: This is account statement for the recent past six months. You can support a personal bank statement or provide a sponsor’s.  More importantly, the closing balance on the statement should on the average of ₦8,000,000 closing balance for 28 consecutive days. This depends on tuition and one year living expense.

#4 Tuberculosis test result: A negative tuberculosis test result is an important requirement for a UK student visa application. Visit any of the following addresses to take this test in Lagos or Abuja:

  • Lagos: Visit Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC), 1, Isaac John Street, G.R.A, Ikeja
  • Abuja: Migration Health Assessment Centre International Organization For Migration (IOM), 55, Hassan Musa Katsina Road, Asokoro

#5 Previous academic certificates/transcripts: You need academic documents such as your WASSCE result. Should you intend to take a postgraduate course in the UK, you need to include transcripts from your previously attended school in Nigeria.

#6 UK student visa Application form in Nigeria: Complete the application form online, print it out, and add it to your documents.

#7 Document checklists: This is the final document you print out upon completing the UK student visa application form online.

#8 Appointment booking confirmation: You must book an appointment after filling your UK student visa application online. Print the confirmation in your email inbox and add it to your documents.

#9 Other documents: Some of these documents are:

  • Marriage certificate and/or children’s birth certificate. It is possible for them to travel with you and can include them if so if they will travel with you.
  • Parents’ consent letter if under 17 years old.
  • Your birth certificate, if under 17 years old, as evidence of relationship to parents

These additional documents are relevant to your unique situation.

How to apply for UK student visa from Nigeria

To get a UK student visa in Nigeria, you need an admission letter from a school in UK. You should have your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number too.

The best time to apply for the student visa is soon after you get an admission. But make sure that you are not applying too early or too late.

Your application will be too early if your school will resume later than six months as at the time of application. And the application will be too late if your school will resume less than a month.

Step 1 – Fill the application form online

UK student visa application portal in Nigeria
UK student visa application portal

Note: Get these documents handy before you fill your application form online:

  1. International passport
  2. Admission letter

To start with the online form filling, click here. This is an easy-to-fill and interactive form, requiring little to zero guidance. Moreover, the form is easy to navigate.

However, we have visa consultants at travukwik who are willing to guide you through this process. And help you avoid errors. You can speak to us now to have any of these consultants attend to your form filling questions immediately.

In case you choose to fill this form yourself, go through each page carefully. See that all personal detail is correct. And do all possible best to provide all information that the UK immigration authorities require.

Visa agents agree that the first important stage of visa application is the application form filling. To ensure that you don’t fumble at this level, generate a preview copy of the form. Vet to spot any errors, then go ahead to submit.

UK student visa in Nigeria application form download
Downloading application form on application portal

Follow these easy steps to generate a preview copy:

  1. Clicking on Application Menu
  2. Click on Download PDF.
  3. Locate the download folder on your device to find a PDF version of your form.

Step 2 – Pay visa fee

The next thing to do is the UK visa fee payment. After paying the visa fee, you also have to pay the immigration health surcharge.

It is common for Nigerian applicants to find it difficult to pay their UK visa fees online. If you ever face this problem, speak to us at travukwik immediately. Our customer support team has successful helped numerous applicants pay their visa fees and we will be willing to help you too.

Step 3 – Book appointment, submit application form and documents at the submission centre

Upon visa fee and immigration health surcharge payment, you have to book an appointment. This also entails another payment. Once successful, you will visit any of the submission centres in Nigeria to submit both application form and supporting documents.

TLS Contact manages the UK visa application centers in Nigeria. And there are three of those in the country:

  • Etiebets Place, 21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos
  • Ivie House, 4/6 Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Murkhtar El-Yakub Place beside Metro Plaza, on Plot 1129, Zakariya Maimlari Street, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria

Note: Pay close attention when booking an appointment as it is common for applicant to make mistakes when doing so. TLS Contact sells added services (including priority submission, VIP lounge, and so on). So, once you choose any of these services (even by mistake), you must pay for it.

Step 4 – Track application/get a notification when passport is ready for pickup

Applicants can track their application online. You can do this by visiting your profile on the TLS Contact platform that you created when booking appointment.

Meanwhile, you will get either an email or an SMS notification once your passport is ready for collection. But, the submission centre will not pre-inform you the embassy’s decision so you must get your passport to find out.

What is UK student visa fee in Nigeria?

After successfully filling your UK online application form, you must pay your UK student visa fee. This fee costs £348. Thereafter, you will pay an immigration health surcharge worth £3,120

Since it is normal for you to want to know how much is UK student visa fee in Nigeria. Click here to discover the fee in real time.

What is the Success rate of UK student visa in Nigeria?

UK student visa in Nigeria processing period
CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM – OCTOBER 12: A general view of a Home Office visa and immigration centre on October 12, 2019 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

The success rate of UK student visa in Nigeria is impressive. From experience, the UK embassy will gladly issue your visa once you meet the requirements.

To place a specific figure on it, we put the success rate for UK student visa at 99.9%. But note that individual applicants profile may interfere with this prediction. Issues such as previous immigration records with the UK/Irish authorities can hinder application success even after meeting embassy demands.

In other words, you may be deprived from the UK embassy’s generosity with the student visa success rate if previously deported from UK or Ireland. Especially without clearing existing issues with the authorities, may not enjoy same privilege. It could be worse if you fail to declare existing issue in your student visa application form.

In conclusion, while the success rate of UK student visa in Nigeria is high, it is important that you maintain a clean profile and application. It is easy for the UK authorities to retrieve previously committed immigration crimes their database.

How long does UK student visa take in Nigeria?

While the process takes 15 working days, UK student visa in Nigeria may extend beyond one month. During this process period, the UK authorities will verify your supporting documents. These include university admission, proof of fund, and previous academic certificates.

This is why it is important that you do not submit an application with any form of forged document. It leads to visa ban and such unfortunate incident may prevent you from visiting the UK for life.


Applying for a UK student visa in Nigeria is straightforward. Following the steps and tips in the article will ensure that you do it all by yourself.

First start with the application form filling online. You should already have your admission letter and international passport before going ahead to do so. Once you complete the form, book your appointment and submit your application in any of the centers in Nigeria.

To get the UK student visa in Nigeria, you must pay the visa fee and immigration health surcharge. And you have to endure the one month waiting period for application processing (except you want an expedite service).

Endeavor to get feedback from the embassy before going ahead to purchase your flight ticket. Even after meeting visa requirements, there are zero guarantees that an applicant will get the UK student visa in Nigeria.