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Apply for Australia student visa in Nigeria by first reading through this guide. It is information on migrating to Australia from Nigeria through study.

Also, it is about Australia student visa requirements for Nigeria. And the condition of Nigerian students in Australia, should you need this to decide if the country is best for you.

Australia has several immigration channels. In case you are interested in the easiest way to travel to Australia from Nigeria. Then get Australia student visa in Nigeria. People tend to prefer it to Australia tourist visa.

Why migrate to Australia from Nigeria through study?

Australia city you can visit when apply for student visa in Nigeria

Apart from having the opportunity to study in Australia. There are other things you enjoy when you apply for Australia student visa and visit the country.

As you are aware, you need visa to visit Australia for various purposes – including study. The visa type for students age 16 and above is the Subclass 500 visa.

You must have an offer of admission into an Australian university to be eligible for this visa. It permits you to stay in Australia for the entire duration of your education.

Many benefits motivate applicants to apply for Australia student visa in Nigeria. These are some of them:

#1 – Bring your family along

Acquiring Australia student visa is a great way to help your family relocate abroad. You can include your spouse and children in your application. Interestingly, your spouse can procure rights to work.

#2 – Work part-time while you study

You enjoy 40 hours of work every two weeks to earn an income even as a student in Australia. This is one vital advantage that drives Australia student visa application in Nigeria.

#3 – Get work permit after studies

Australia allows for international students to earn a two years’ work permit after their studies. Numerous students use this platform to permanently reside in Australia.

You enjoy 40 hours of work to earn an income even as a student in Australia. This is one vital advantage that drives Australia student visa application in Nigeria.

#4 – There is no discriminations against age

Applicants can apply for Australia student visa in Nigeria regardless of their age. Unlike some embassies with bias against age, this does not apply to Australia.

You can go ahead with your Australia visa application in Nigeria without serious concerns about your age. But you should consider extra visa requirements if you are a child (under 18) applying for this visa.

#5 – It is the easier visa type

Considering how hard it could be to get visas in Nigeria, the student visa is an easier option to migrate to Australia from Nigeria.

Follow the right steps and meet the visa requirements to improve your chances of getting this visa.

Apply for Australia Student visa in Nigeria: the different study visa types

Australia has various student visa classes, depending on level and programs. Bear in mind that these are all under the Subclass 500 visa category. Find out about the popular ones below:

#1 – Schools (Subclass 571)

For primary and secondary school students whose parents would like to enroll in Australian schools, this is the ideal type. It allows students and pupils to engage in exchange programs.

#2 – Independent ELICOS (Subclass 570)

This class helps you take English Language Intensive Courses as an international student. ELICOS stands for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students.

#3 – Higher Education Sector Visa (Subclass 573)

Higher Education Sector Visa is the most popular class in Nigeria. In fact, when people refer to Australia student visa in Nigeria, this is what they often mean.

This is the visa type for undergraduate studies. With it, you can acquire bachelor’s degree in Australia after studying for up to five years or more (depending on study needs).

#4 – Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (Subclass 574)

Interested in a masters or postgraduate course in Australia? Then this is the appropriate visa class for you. It makes provision for studying for two or more years on postgrad study activities.

Apart from these prominent visa types, the others are Non Award Sector visa (Subclass 575) and- Foreign Affairs or Defense Sector visa (Subclass 576).

Australia Student visa requirements for Nigeria

students checking different australia visa requirements for nigeria
Close up smiling young woman holding envelope with paper letter or invitation inside, waiting for good news notification, banking loan approval. Happy student reading university college admission.

Australia student visa requirements for Nigeria are documents you need for the visa application. They are all on the Australia student visa checklist. Without these documents, you cannot apply for Australia student visa in Nigeria:

#1 – Admission / offer letter

You must have a valid admission offer from an Australian school to be eligible for the visa application. It is evidence that you be enrolled for study when you visit Australia.

#2 – English Language proficiency test result

Be ready to submit your recent English test result when applying for Australia study visa in Nigeria. You can submit any of IELTS, CEA, and TOEFL test result.

#3 – A valid passport

International passport is compulsory to apply for a visa in Nigeria. In the case of Australia student visa application, your passport should have six months validity as the date you apply.

#4 – Proof of funds

Evidence of having enough money for travel, study, and one year living expense is compulsory. Many experts believe this is the strongest factor for success when applying for Australia student visa in Nigeria.

You can submit your bank statement or that of a sponsor. Also, you can use evidence of scholarship if this applies to you.

#5 – Academic certificates and transcripts

While transcripts are important when you want to go for further studies, academic certificates applies to all study purposes.

Certificates like WAEC and NECO results are compulsory for higher education regardless of level.

#6 – Resume

Universities will require your resume to process your admission. But you may add this even when applying for visa.

#7 – Motivation letter/statement of purpose

It pays to attempt to stand out when you want to apply for Australia student visa in Nigeria. This is why we recommend that you add a motivation letter to your application.

This letter helps you express your study plans, reasons for choosing a school, and future goals. Often, this letter compels consular officers to grant visas. They see why an applicant deserves a chance to study the course of their dreams.

#8 – Other requirements

  • Character requirements

The Australian authority expects to meet the country’s character requirement. In summary, you must be law abiding. Submit a Police Character Certificate. This helps you show that do not have criminal records.

  • Have adequate health insurance

There is a cover appropriate if you plan to get Australia student visa from Nigeria. This is the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). It is possible for your school to get this for you since it is also an admission requirement.

  • Meet health requirements

You may have to take several medical tests and get certificates to apply for Australia study visa in Nigeria.

Besides these health requirements, you may have to take other examinations if the authorities ask for them.

Nigerian students in Australia

Nigerian student in Australia after getting student visa
Real Life

The first thing a Nigerian student pays attention to in Australia is the weather.  Australia experiences opposite weather conditions in the southern and northern part. And the north is hotter than the south.

Next is the friendly nature of the Australians. There is a genuine, popular take that these are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. This makes social engagements rampant and easy.

Lastly, you will notice the abundant presence of nature. Animals like Kangaroos and lizards are almost always available everywhere. And there is an endless number of zoos around the country.

If you would like to speak to Nigerian students in Australia online, use the internet to your advantage. Visit popular socials (Twitter, Facebook, and Nairaland) and share your intentions to do so.

Anyone who sees your genuine intentions will be willing to share their experiences with you. But make sure you take special caution when meeting new people online.

Who can apply for Australia Student visa in Nigeria?

To apply, you must meet the requirements above. It is best that go beyond the expectations of the consular department to earn your student visa.

Meanwhile, you must not have done other things to get Australia student visa. One of them is that the authorities have not previously rejected or cancelled an application you made in Australia. Others are:

  • You do not owe the Australian government

You must pay back any debt to the Australia government. Otherwise, your Australia student visa application in Nigeria will not be successful.

If you fear that you do not qualify for Australia student visa in Nigeria, click here. It is a platform to check your eligibility for the visa.

How to get Australia student visa from Nigeria?

To apply for Australia student visa in Nigeria, take these steps:

#1 – Create an account online

Create an ImmiAccount online. Then complete an online application, making sure that you fill out the forms correctly.

#2- Upload supporting documents

The online application tells you what to do. Read carefully and attach your supporting documents online after scanning them.

These include your proof of funds, certificates, and other documents you plan to submit.

#3- Book an appointment with VFS

The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs partners with VFS for visa services in Nigeria. After completing your application online, you will give your biometrics at VFS.

Australian Department of Home Office will send you a Biometric Requirement Letter which you must take to VFS on appointment date.

#4 – Track your application online

Finally, you can track your application online. Click here for this.

Booking an appointment for Australia Student visa in Nigeria

Appointment booking by a Nigerian

You must book an appointment for biometrics when applying for Australia student visa in Nigeria. This involves paying booking fees to VFS online before visiting for photo and fingerprint capture.

Before this appointment booking, you should have a valid email address. You need this to get a unique login profile and password from VFS. These are useful for fixing the appointment.

Meanwhile, you have to book separate appointments if applying with your family. Each of those you plan to apply with will pay individual fees.

Once successful, you will get an appointment letter in your email. Print and take along on appointment date.

If you miss an appointment, you have to rebook another for a date in the future.

Australia student visa fee

Australia student visa fees change. This is why we recommend that you check the moment you want to apply for visa.

Now, you have to pay AUD630 except if you belong to the category of applicants who may not pay visa fee.

Note: this fee does not include service charge you will pay online with your ATM card.

Australia student visa application form

Find the Australia student visa application form online. The object of it is to get your basic information and those relevant to your purpose of visit to Australia. Click here to fill this form online.

You need your international passport and offer letter close by when working on this form.

Australian student visa processing time

Australian student visa processing time depends on the visa category you apply for. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on visa for higher education.

This particular category takes 44 days to six months to process. But it could take longer if you do not fill your form well. If you submit incomplete documents. Or if it takes extra time to verify your documents.

Australia visa agents in Nigeria

You can find several “Australia visa agents in Nigeria” when you click here. Some of them even promise Australia work visas and the likes.

But dealing with a random visa expert online is risky. This is why you should involve with those with track record of excellence and integrity.

Travukwik is a reputable Australia visa agent in Nigeria. We go the extra mile to ensure that cover all necessary aspects of your application. And get the best chances of getting your visa.


To apply for Australia student visa in Nigeria, you need to complete a large part of the process online. The Australian embassy in Abuja does not issue this visa in Nigeria. Instead, the High Commission in South Africa issues this visa to Nigerians.

Read and save this page to help you meet the requirements for Australia student visa application in Nigeria. For further assistance, call or send WhatsApp message to travukwik on 09095121909