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Many Nigerian students are seeking to further their education in Canada but lack the right information on how to apply for a Canada student visa in Nigeria. And until now, many Nigerian students are still finding themselves in this category. If you are in such a category, this article is for you because it will highlight the step-by-step process of applying for a Canadian student visa in Nigeria.

Information on how to apply for a Canadian student visa in Nigeria is very important to Nigerian students looking for a way out of the country. Till this moment, Canada remains one of the most significant areas to visit in the world – Canada sees thousands of students flock there annually. Moreover, as a student, Canada provides the privilege to acquire quality education at a competitive tuition fee and overall cost of study. In addition, Canada is regarded as one of the most accommodating countries to international students without any complications whatsoever.

The step-by-step procedure on how to apply for a Canada student visa in Nigeria?

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Due to the COVID-19 protocols and guidelines, the majority of Nigerian studentsare applying for Canada student visas online. The online application process is faster than the paper application, which makes the online application more suitable for most Nigerian students. Whether you are applying for a Canada student visa online or via paper application, you are required to undergo some processes and provide some documents which may include:

Gaining admission – The first process to securing a Canadian student visa in Nigeria is to gain admission into any Canadian educational institution. This is important because one of the basic requirements for a Canadian student visa application at the embassy is to tender an acceptance letter from any Canadian institution.

Gather supporting documents – When you’ve secured your admission, you’re required to fill the student permit form, then gather the necessary documents including proof of funds. These documents will represent you at the embassy and you should make sure you’ve copies of those documents.

Submit at the VAC – After providing the necessary documents and making the required payments, you are required to collect a receipt containing your tracking number. You’ll be using this tracking number to monitor the progress of your visa application.

Track your application online -Tracking your application will help you know when your visa is approved and ready for collection.

Collect your passport – The last step is to visit the visa application center to obtain your visa. You’ll be notified when your visa is ready for collection.

However, when applying online, you may have to undergo further processes such as downloading the document checklist, student permit visa (IMM 5257), and family information (IMM 5645) forms.

How long does it take to process a Canadian student visa in Nigeria?

Unlike the Canadian tourist visa, the expected time for a Canadian student visa in Nigeria may take longer. Even though it is hard to predict the processing time of Canada visas correctly, you should know the range in which the visa is processed. Whether you apply for the visa online or it is a paper application, the processing time of your Canada student visa commences immediately after completing your visa application.

Although, some factors which may include the number of applications the embassy is transforming at a time, error or omission in your application, incomplete document, etc. may affect the approval of your visa. But, provided your visa application is error-free, the average processing time for a Canadian student visa usually takes at least 16 weeks. So, on no ground should you be expecting your Canada student visa a day or two days after submitting your application. If your visa is not approved after the expected time, then you should contact the embassy to know the status of your application.

How much is a Canadian student visa fee in Nigeria?

For Nigerian students vying to further their education in Canada, it is expected to know the amount of a Canada student visa fee in Nigeria. This will help prepare your mind and to know what you should budget before applying for the visa application. Be informed that there’s no fixed price for a Canadian student visa in Nigeria – the fees vary from time to time depending on the current rate.

However, presently the fee of a Canadian student visa in Nigeria is about $150 (CAD) equivalent to #55,000 in Nigerian currency, and then the biometrics fee is about $85 (CAD) equivalent to 31,000 NGN. As the case may be, you may need to pay a service fee at the embassy if you apply via paper application.

What are the requirements to secure a Canadian student visa in Nigeria?

To make your Canadian student visa application process fast and to avoid unnecessary complications, there are requirements you need to satisfy when processing the visa. You must have the following documents in your possession before applying for the visa:

Passport – You must present an original and photocopy of your Nigerian passport. You should note that the passport should be valid for at least 6 months of your stay in Canada and must have at least two blank spaces.

Photograph ­- Two colored passports taken recently and showing your full face will be required when applying for your student visa.

Flight reservation ­– You are required to provide a flight reservation showing your airline, date, and time of arrival in Canada.

Hotel reservation – Perhaps your school does not provide accommodation for you, you’ll need to present a confirmation for the hotel reservation.

Motivational letter – This will convince the consular officer that you are passionate about your course of study and will further explain your plan of study.

Proof of financial support – You’ll need to prove that you are capable of catering to your needs in Canada.

Other requirements include health status which will contain your medical history, police certificate which will state that you do not have any criminal record, certificate of social ties e.g. birth and marriage certificate, and finally academic certificate which will include your previous certificates gotten from the previous institution attended.


As long as you are an eligible student, you’ll need the information listed in this article on how to apply for a Canada student visa in Nigeria. Following the step-by-step guide in this article will also help improve your chance of securing your application whenever you apply for a Canada student visa in Nigeria. You can click here to learn how to apply for Canada tourist visa instead – if this is what you need.