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Are you a Nigerian citizen seeking how to apply for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria? Do you need additional information on Denmark’s student visa application in Nigeria? If yes, read on! In this article, we’ll provide all the necessary information you need to know on how you can easily apply for a Denmark visa in Nigeria. Before delving into the topic, let’s introduce you to some basic things you need to know about a Danish student visa.

Denmark study visa

As you may know, Denmark is a famous destination with a low-cost and top-quality education for students around the world. The Denmark student visa is an endorsement that permits passport holders including Nigerian passport holders to pursue academic excellence in Denmark. There are several benefits of securing a Danish student visa; apart from allowing holders of this permit to study in Denmark, the holder can also tour in Denmark.

So, any Nigerian wishing to study in Denmark has to apply for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria. The visa is also known as the ‘type D’ visa – a long-term visa that allows holders to stay in Denmark for more than 3 months. Perhaps your program will take more than 6 months, you must apply for a residence permit or an extension to stay for such period.

Why you should study in Denmark: Nigerian students in Denmark

Many institutions in Denmark benefit from their cooperation with business industries and research institutes. Many of the universities in Denmark have a long tradition of combining interdisciplinary studies with innovative research and techniques. When you’ve applied for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria, rest assured there are many Nigerian students and ex-pat communities of Nigerians in Denmark. You can easily connect with other Nigerian students in those communities whenever you need assistance or want to make inquiries.

How to apply for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria?

apply for denmark student visa in Nigeria step by step

The right information on how to apply for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria will go a long way for Nigerians who wish to study in Denmark. That’s why we’ve prepared easy steps to get your visa approval easily whenever you apply for a Danish student visa in Nigeria. The steps are as follow:

Secure your admission – The first and most important step to get a Denmark student visa in Nigeria is to secure your admission into an institution of learning in Denmark. This is the main reason you are applying for a Denmark visa and you must fulfill it before you can be issued the visa. Moreover, your acceptance letter to your chosen school in Denmark is one of the requirements to secure a Denmark student visa in Nigeria.

Create an account – The next step is to visit the ApplyVisa portal of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and create an account. After creating an account, you should proceed to fill the online Denmark visa application form downloaded from their website.

Get all the necessary documents – After completing the application form, you should prepare all the necessary documents. getting your documents prepared is vital because it helps secure your visa application. Note that, it is important to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to legalist documents such as your birth certificate, police clearance, marriage certificate, and school documents.

Schedule an appointment – Booking an appointment with the Danish embassy is the fourth step when applying for a Denmark visa in Nigeria. After booking your appointment, you should take the filled Denmark visa application form along with your supporting documents to the VFS Global Office.

Pay the visa application charge – The next step is to pay a fee for the visa application. The fee is non-refundable with or without your visa approval.

Submit your supporting documents – At the embassy, you should submit your supporting documents along with your filled Denmark visa application form. Be informed that you would give your biometrics while submitting your application.

Note: you may be invited by the embassy for an interview after submitting your documents.

Collect your passport – Lastly on how to apply for a Danish student visa in Nigeria, collect your passport. You’ll receive an email or SMS notification when your passport is ready.

Denmark student visa processing time

The processing time for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria may be slow or fast depending on several factors including the embassy’s verification process, availability of staff, etc. However, when applying for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria, the processing time required for issuing a study visa is about 60 days. Owing to this, we advise that your application be made in advance to make your visa ready before your time of departure.

Denmark student visa fee

The cost of a Denmark student visa fee in Nigeria depends on some factors which include the number of entries, the biometric charges, and any other service charges. Also, when applying for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria, the visa fee varies according to the changes in the currency exchange rates. As a result, you should check the current amount of the visa fee during your application process. However, to apply for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria, you’ll have to pay a visa fee of 2110 DKK. And depending on the condition surrounding your application, Danish authorities will allow you to pay the visa fee online, on location at the VAC center in Nigeria, or through a bank transfer.

Denmark student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens

apply for denmark student visa nigeria

The level of information you’ve about how to apply for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria determines how easy or difficult the application process is for you. The list of documents required for issuing a Danish student visa in Nigeria may be quite long but straightforward. The required documents are as follow:

An ST-1 student visa application form that comes from Denmark. Note that you can receive this form after paying your tuition fee

Admission letter – When applying for a Denmark student visa at the embassy, you must present your admission/acceptance letter which is proof that you’ve been offered admission to study in Denmark.

International passport – You must present a valid international passport. Also, the passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your return date.

Photograph ­- You’re required to submit two-colored passports taken recently and showing your full face. Note: the dimension of the passport should be about 35-40 mm.

Proof of language proficiency – English proficiency Certificate is compulsory in most of the colleges in Denmark.

Cover letter – You should present a statement of purpose and curriculum vitae that contains detailed information about your travel itinerary.

Proof of accommodation – You must present a proof of accommodation showing where you’ll stay after arriving in Denmark.

Proof of sufficient funds – When applying for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria, you must present proof that you’ve funds to cover your expenses in Denmark. This proof could be your bank statement or that of your sponsor in case of a scholarship.

Proof of flight reservation – This document will contain your departure and arrival date in Nigeria, the name of your airline, and the passenger name record if applicable.

Other requirements may include health status proof, certificate of social ties e.g. birth and marriage certificate, certificates of the previous school attended, police clearance.


In conclusion, you can easily get your visa approval when you follow the guides on how to apply for a Denmark student visa in Nigeria listed in this article. The guides will help increase your chance of getting your visa approved. We at Travukwik can assist you during your application process. We can also help you to get your supporting documents and book your appointment.