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You can apply for France visa from Nigeria with ease. It involves five easy stages that you can complete online, starting from here

Bookmark or save this page and revert to it once ready to apply for France visa from Nigeria. It contains all the information about France Schengen visa application for Nigerians. This includes:

  • France visa application for Nigerians summary
  • France visa fee in Nigeria
  • When will France embassy reopen in Nigeria
  • What are France visa types
  • France visa requirements for Nigerian citizens
  • VFS France Lagos appointment
  • France embassy online appointment
  • French embassy in Lagos
  • France visa application form
  • Applying for France visa from Nigeria

France visa application for Nigerians summary

For quick understanding of what you need to do right now, consider the following summary:

#1: Visit the application portal online.

Click here to see the different visa types and continue with the application. The portal contains valuable information you need to apply for France visa from Nigeria. Also, it is interactive and easy to use.

#2: Create an account

The platform requires that you create a quick account to fill your application form online. Do so to continue.

#3: Fill your application form online

Complete your application form. Print it out, alongside a complimentary document checklist. You will go to the embassy with these and your supporting documents for submission.

#4: Book an appointment online

You must book an appointment to apply for France visa from Nigeria. Click here to book an appointment online.

#5: Track your application online

After submission, you can track your france visa application from Nigeria here. It will inform you on when to collect your passport.

France visa fee in Nigeria

France visa fee to visit cities in France
Cityscape of Paris

France visa fee in Nigeria from 2020 is €80. This amounts to about ₦60,000. However, this fee fluctuates with the foreign exchange rate. So we advise that you have enough cash for payment during submission. Applicants pay for France visa fee in Nigeria at the submission center.

When will France embassy reopen in Nigeria?

It is common for those willing to apply for France visa from Nigeria to ask when the france embassy will reopen in Nigeria. This is natural, upon the closure of all embassies across the world after the COVID 19 global pandemic.

Fortunately, the embassy of France in Nigeria has reopened for operations. And you can now apply for France visa in Nigeria.

What are France visa types?

There are different France visa types for Nigerians willing to visit the European country for different purposes. Nigerians and non-Nigerian nationals must apply for France visa from Nigeria for any of these visits.

There are two different France visa types:

  • France Schengen visa type D
  • France Schengen visa type C

France Schengen visa type D

The visa type D accommodates long travel plans. This includes visiting for work and study.  Other purposes of the type D visa are:

  • Student/training/education
  • Family reunion/marriage
  • Employment /work, and so on.

France Schengen visa type C

The visa type C (also called France Schengen visit or short term visa) is for visiting under 90 days. You can briefly visit family and friend. You may also apply for the France visa from Nigeria to travel for short business or tourism.

It could even be for short seminar, short courses, or training. The most important part is traveling with this type of visa enables visiting for short period only.

The different France Schengen type C visas

The France Schengen type C visas are the most common among travelers in Nigeria. These travelers usually visit France for tourism, business meetings, quick seminars, or short courses.

For broader understanding, consider the following different types of France Schengen type C visas in Nigeria:

#1: Business visit visa

The France Business visit visa is suitable for attending conferences and business meetings. If you are a business person and you plan to ship products from France, you can get this visa. Then travel to France to seal the deal before proper shipping of products.

As you may have guessed, this visa requires an invitation letter from either the conference organizer or Partner Company in France. It helps you prove your purpose of visit

#2: Tourist visit visa

If your plan is to apply for France visa from Nigeria and visit for tourism, this visa type is ideal for you. It is suited for holiday or vacation in France.

It is common for applicants to apply for this France visa in Nigeria with their spouses or family. The application requires only a valid hotel reservation, in the place of an invitation letter. Travukwik can help with valid hotel reservation to apply for France visa from Nigeria.

In addition, you may need to include tour voucher for this France visa application in Nigeria. But this is not mandatory. Instead, include a cover letter explaining your travel plans. Get more information on this later in this article.

#3: Airport transit visa

The third France Schengen visa type C visa is for airport transit. This is for transiting in France before heading to your final destination.

France visa requirements for Nigerian citizens

Apply France Visa in Nigeria requirements

The France visa requirements for Nigeria citizens are supporting documents. Visa officers use them to measure your eligibility for a visa.

It is essential to research more on this when you want to apply for France visa from Nigeria. The embassy of France (like other embassies around the world) introduces new visa rules from time to time. You can talk to our visa experts at travukwik to find out more on France visa requirements for Nigerian citizens before you apply.

#1: International passport

Your international passport should contain a minimum of three consecutive blank pages. Also, it should be valid for six months as at when applying for France visa from Nigeria.

#2: Two copies of passport photograph

The embassy demands 35mmx45mm identical passport photographs. You should take them using white background. 

#3- Bank statement

Submit three to six months bank statement for your application. These helps establish that you have the financial capacity to travel abroad.

#4- Duly filled visa application form

You must fill and print out the visa application form to apply for France visa from Nigeria.

#5- Document checklist/evidence of application Submission

Download and print out the document checklist. It comes with an evidence of application submission as well. Include these two documents in your application.

#6- Conference or business invitation letter

You need either of these when attending a conference or business meeting. Make sure you get them before you attempt to apply for France visa from Nigeria.

Conference organizers issue invitation letters after paying for the conference. It could either be a letter, including your personal information – such as full name, date of birth, and passport number. Or it may be in form of a voucher – indicating how much you paid for the conference.

Meanwhile, your business partners only have to send you an invitation letter. The letter must contain your personal information (names, date of birth, company name, and passport number). And it should mention the purpose, venue, and dates of meeting.

#7- Admission offer from school

To apply for France visa from Nigeria for study, you need a valid offer letter from a school in France.

#8: Schengen travel insurance certificate

The embassy accepts Schengen travel insurance certificates with appropriate cover. The ideal cover is €30,000. And there are authorized insurance companies for these certificates as well.

The start and end dates on your insurance certificate must cover your travel period. The exception is when traveling for study. In this case, six months or one year insurance cover is perfect.

Contact travukwik for affordable and approved Schengen travel insurance certificate. It is critical for your France visa application in Nigeria.

#9: Hotel reservation

This is for an application without having any hosts in France. You may need this as well if the conference organizer does not make any arrangements for an accommodation.

The hotel reservation is a document that bears the name of hotel, check-in date, and check-out date. It also includes telephone number and address of the hotel.

Most importantly, the embassy should be able to verify the document. They do this by contacting the hotel. Your booking information must checkout and booking be valid – before you get a France visa from Nigeria.

Contact travukwik for verifiable hotel reservation. It is critical for when you apply for France visa from Nigeria.

#10: Flight reservation

This document shows the dates you plan to enter and exit France. It shows the city you plan to arrive and depart from, in France. Also, it shows the airline(s) you plan to travel with.

Note: on no account should you buy a flight ticket before you get your visa. Embassy discourages purchasing tickets ahead of visa approval – and it does not improve visa success. Instead, contact travukwik for acceptable flight reservation for France visa.

#11- Evidence of employment or education

Submit evidence of employment when applying for France visa from Nigeria. It is a requirement for the application. These evidences are your employment letter, introduction letter from work, and leave letter.

Meanwhile, you can submit an introduction letter from your school as a student. This could be from your HOD, stating your course and dates you plan to resume at school.

#12- Certificates of social ties

Marriage certificate and certificate of birth of your child(ren) are important – if they apply to you.

#13- Cover letter

At the moment, the embassy of France in Nigeria does not hold a visa interview. Therefore, we recommend that you add a cover letter to your application.

The letter helps provide additional information about your travel plans. You can also use it to explain other circumstances surrounding the application.

VFS France Lagos appointment

Appoinment schedule to apply for France visa in Nigeria

VFS Global processes visa applications for the embassy of France in Nigeria since 2011. To apply for France visa in Nigeria, you must go to their Lagos or Abuja office.

You can book an appointment to submit at the VFS office in Lagos. VFS France Lagos appointment is available online here. You may have to pay to book an appointment with VFS Lagos.

France embassy online appointment

For visa purposes, there is no need for France embassy online appointment. The embassy partners with VFS Global for application processing.

But, you can make enquires about Schengen visa application with the embassy. There is so much to know about embassy services and representation arrangements. And in fact, these policies change.

You may need to know where to submit your application if living in northern states like Adamawa, Borno, and Nassarawa. Or whether Lagos remains the submission center for applicants in Delta, Calabar, and other Southern cities.

For such enquiries, send an email to:

France embassy has also been a valuable partner to other Schengen countries like Netherlands and Estonia for their applications in Nigeria. You should be interested in asking questions if you wish to apply for a visa to any of these.

However, travukwik can help you clarify any doubts when you plan to apply for France visa from Nigeria. Our agents are experts in steps and requirements for France visa application in Nigeria. Talk to us today.

French embassy in Lagos

Embassy of France partners with VFS to aid easy processing of visa application in Nigeria. But the embassy processes applications, granting and denying them as they please.

Also, the embassy represents other Schengen countries (Netherlands and Estonia) and help process short term visas to these countries.

Interested in contact details of France embassy Lagos, find them below:

  • Address: 1, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos

France visa application form

France visa application form is available online. It is one of the things you need to apply for France visa from Nigeria.

The form contains a barcode when you download it. It is also in PDF format. This explains why you will likely find France visa application form PDF when you go online.

The form contains several parts, but the following are the most notable ones:

#1: Basic information

You need to have your international passport handy when filling the France visa application form. It will ask about your place of birth, passport number, passport issue date, and passport expiry date.

Note that these details should tally with those on your international passport. Otherwise, the officials at the submission center will turn you back.

#2: Professional information

France visa application form also contains your occupation. It asks questions concerning employer and employer contact.

If unemployed, you can add school contact information (as a student) or input N/A (for not applicable).

#3: Travel plans

The form requests for information on your travel plans. These include the name of hotel and hotel contact information. It also involves arrival and departure dates.

Travel plan also covers how you plan to pay for your travel. Is it self-sponsored or there is a company or other individuals sponsoring the trip? A part of the form wants you to answer this.

#4: Purpose of visit

Tourism, study, and business are some of the travel purposes that you must choose from when filling the form. The embassy wants you to explain purpose of visit through the form.

Applying for France visa from Nigeria – self 

Apply for France visa in Nigeria by self

As a first time applicant, you may find it complex when you attempt to apply for France visa from Nigeria by yourself. But you can achieve this by following the steps we outline in this guide:

#1: Identify visa type suitable to your travel plans

First, identify the visa type that fits your travel purpose. We have explained the different visa types for France visa application in Nigeria above. Read through again for further clarification.

#2: Get all supporting documents ready

Once you are clear on the visa type you need, then go ahead to gather all supporting documents. For assistance on these, contact us at travukwik. We have a reputation of excellence and it would be a pleasure to help you apply for France visa from Nigeria. And travel to France as soon as possible.

 #3: Complete online form

Visit the online portal for form filling. Create an account and fill your form. Download the form to vet for errors and submit when satisfied.

#4: Book an appointment with VFS France online

Book an online appointment. It may involve some payment before booking.

#5: Submit application at VFS France submission center

On appointment date, visit the submission center in Lagos or Abuja to submit.

#6: Track application and retrieve passport

Get notifications on readiness of passport. You can pay for passport delivery. More importantly, you can track your application online for step-by-step update.

Applying for France visa from Nigeria – through travukwik 

You can fast-track your France visa application when you apply through travukwik. Already, we have an impressive visa success rate. There is a lot to benefit when you apply for France visa from Nigeria through travukwik.  Here is how:

#1: Send us your personal information

Using your personal information, we help prepare complete document checklist for your application. We also hold discussions to help you identify the best visa type for your travel purpose.

Travukwik considers current success rate in Nigeria for the visa type and your profile. Then we advise you on how to apply to guarantee maximum chances of visa success

#2: Pay our service charge

Our service charge covers consultation fees and supporting documents relevant to your visa type. The charge is highly competitive and commensurate the value that you get.

#3: Get your documents

Within a week, we make documents ready for submission. You must have seen review copies and agreed on online submission before we present them.

Moreover, we would have helped book submission appointment at the center that is ideal for you.

#4: Submit application at submission center

We guide you through the submission and application tracking processes. You must submit the application in person. Schengen application involves biometrics, so no one can help you submit your documents.