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It is easy to apply for the international passport in Nigeria. All it takes is following this guideline and you would be able to get the international passport without consulting any agent.

As you may already know, you cannot apply for a visa in Nigeria until you have the international passport. If you wish to travel soon but you do not have the international passport, you will find this article useful.

It answers questions such as “how much is Nigeria international passport 2021” and “how long does it take to get an international passport in Nigeria.”

Also, this article contains information about the types of international passport in Nigeria, Nigerian passport requirements, and Nigerian passport application form.

What are the types of international passport in Nigeria?

The Nigerian international passport gives you the freedom to enjoy international travel experience. You can travel for business, study, fun and so many other purposes with the passport.

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) issues the 32-page and 64-page passports to Nigerians. The 32-page passport is common among those who travel once in a while for fun while frequent travelers often have the 64-page passport. The 64-page passport accommodates more visa stickers and stamps.

There are 4 types of international passport in Nigeria. Out of these, two are most common: the ordinary passport and the Enhanced E-Passport. The Nigerian government has commenced a campaign to transform the current passport into the Enhanced E-Passport for all Nigerians.

Ordinary Passport

Also Regular or Standard Passport, this passport is the most common type. In Nigeria, the ordinary passport is valid from 5 to 10 years. You can only get this passport if you are a Nigerian citizen.

Enhanced E-Passport

This is an electronic passport with some new features including an electronic management system. Other features are ten year validity and new security enhancement.

This new passport is now in circulation. With distinct features (including passport numbers starting from B), you can track the application of this passport online. Also, payment is online-based and allows for easier processing.

Official passport

Government officials carry this type of passport. Besides its use for travel, it helps officials abroad identify diplomats and government officials from Nigerian when they travel abroad.

Diplomatic passport

Only Nigerian diplomats have the right to carry this passport type. These are those the President has appointed to represent the country abroad. Once they vacate their office, the officer must return the Diplomatic passport to the Comptroller General of Immigration.


What are Nigerian passport requirements?

There are requirements you must meet before you can apply for an international passport in Nigeria. This depends on whether you are an adult or minor. Consider the following things you need to get international passport in Nigeria.

For Adults (18 years and above):

#1- Filled passport application form

#2- Two recently taken passport photographs

#3- Proof of service charge payment

#4- Letter of Identification from your local government or state of origin (valid staff ID card attached)

#5- Birth certificate

#6- Marriage certificate (if married)

#7- Name change affidavit (if this applies)

#8- Duly filled Guarantor’s form; as well as copy of e-passport bio-data page of Guarantor’s and one recently taken passport photo of Guarantor)

For Minors (under 18 years):

#1- Filled passport application form (an adult can help complete this form)

#2- One recently taken passport photograph (parents must sign at the back of passport photo)

#3- Birth certificate

#4- Proof of parents Nigerian citizenship

#5- Consent letter from parents; if a parent is deceased or unavailable, a valid court order is required.

#6- Proof of service charge payment

How to apply for international passport in Nigeria


You can apply for international passport in Nigeria both online or offline. Applying online is now common because applicants prefer doing it themselves from the comfort of their space.

Applying Online:

#1- Click here to visit the Nigerian Immigration Services website

#2- Choose the passport type that applies to you

#3- Choose the country where you are applying from

#4- Fill the application form

#5- Scan and upload supporting documents

#6- Choose your payment method of choice

#7- Click ‘Submit’ after making payment. Once you pay, you will have a unique Application ID and Reference number

#8- Print your Guarantor’s form and certify it.

#9- Submit filled application form and supporting document at the passport office you chose in step 2. At the office, officials will take your biometric (photo and thumb-print) to complete application.

Applying Offline:

Applying offline would imply that you apply through an agent. As much as we advise you apply for international passport in Nigeria by yourself, people still prefer to use an agent. However, make due diligence before paying anyone for passport application.

Many agents have put Nigerians in trouble by involving in different scams and illegal practices. In some cases, agents take longer than usual to process passports and misplace people’s documents.

How long does it take to get an international passport in Nigeria?

A new passport application requires 48 hours processing period after you provide your biometric data at the passport office. However, it may take up to one month to process after biometric. This is why it is pays to apply sooner than later.

How much is Nigeria international passport 2021?


Looking for how much is international passport in Nigeria 2020 Nairaland? Interested in how much is Nigeria international passport 2021? Below is the information you need.

Standard Passport

AGE: 0 – 17 YRSAGE: 18 – 59 YRSAGE: 60 YRS +
Passport Booklet Fee₦ 8,750₦ 15,000₦ 8,750₦ 20,000
Address Verification Fee₦ 2,000₦ 2,000₦ 2,000₦ 2,000
TOTAL₦ 10,750₦ 17,000₦ 10,750₦ 22,000

Enhanced E-Passport

32 pages 5-year standard passport₦ 25,000
64 pages 5-year standard passport₦ 35,000
64 pages 10-year standard passport for adults only₦ 70,000
32 pages 5-year Official passport₦ 15,000

Note that these prices may change. For latest updates, monitor the Nigerian Immigration Service website. Click here

How to check if your international passport is ready in Nigeria?

It is easy to monitor international passport application in Nigeria. This is because the tracking process is self-explanatory. To track your passport application right away, take the following process:

#1- Click here to visit the dedicated page for tracking passport applications
#2- Enter your Passport Application ID
#3- Enter your Passport Reference Number. Note that the NIS has sent both Passport Application ID and Passport Reference to your email during application.

Nigerian embassy passport appointment

The Nigerian Immigration Service expects that you visit any of their offices once you complete the online application. The branch you visit depends on where you chose during online processing.

However, the NIS usually gives you an appointment date for visitation. They send correspondences and other notification through email. But you can also find the appointment date on your payment confirmation document.

Monitor your email inbox for notifications and confirm appointment date before visiting the nearest NIS office for biometric.

How can you find the Nigerian passport application form in PDF?

You can visit the NIS official website to complete the passport application form. Another form of interest when you want to apply for international passport in Nigeria is the Guarantor’s form. Find all these on the NIS website. Click here to visit the website.