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How to apply for an Italian student visa in Nigeria, Italian student visa and other related questions is the main reason we’re posting this article. So, if you have any questions regarding the Italian student visa, you should continue reading this article. We’ve prepared the step-by-step process for you to take when applying for an Italian student visa in Nigeria. Unlike some other countries, an Italian student visa application is easy if you provide the necessary documents.

What is an Italian student visa?

Before showing you the steps to take in applying for an Italian student visa in Nigeria, let’s remind you of what an Italian student visa is. For a Nigerian citizen, an Italy student visa (ISV) is the only visa available for Nigerian citizens traveling to Italy to enroll at any educational institution. Unlike the Italian tourist visa which is a short-term visa, the Italian student visa is a long-term visa.

Who can apply for an Italian student visa in Nigeria?

Nigerian applying for italian student visa

Even though many Nigerian citizens travel to study in Italy every year, it’s not every Nigerian citizen that’s eligible to study in Italy. So, who can apply for an Italian student visa in Nigeria? We’ll provide you with the answer. The following categories of Nigerian citizens are eligible to study in Italy:

  • Nigerian citizen that has/or has a plan for accommodation in Italy.
  • Nigerian citizen that has enough finance or sponsor to pay for all the living expenses including tuition fees.
  • Nigerian citizen that has appropriate health insurance.
  • A law-abiding Nigerian citizen with no criminal record.
  •  A Nigerian citizen with enough funds to travel and return from Italy.

Where and when to apply for a Italian student visa in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, you can apply for an Italian student visa at the VSF Global in Abuja or Lagos. Note: When you are addressing your letter, ensure you address your letter to the Italian embassy in Nigeria. The best time to apply for an Italian student visa in Nigeria is immediately after securing your admission into any Italian institution. And to avoid unnecessary delays, you should begin your visa application process at least a month before your scheduled traveling date.

How to apply for an Italian student visa in Nigeria: the step-by-step process

For applying for an Italian student visa in Nigeria, all you need to do is follow these steps:

Gain admission – Securing admission into any Italian institution is the first step when you’re applying for an Italian visa in Nigeria. The reason is that your acceptance letter is part of the requirement to process your student visa to Italy. So, until you secure your admission, you shouldn’t apply for an Italian student visa in Nigeria.

Gather supporting documents – Secondly, after securing your admission, you should prepare your supporting documents. These documents will be required to process your application in the long run. These documents include admission letters, biodata, academic results, and transcripts, etc.

The third step to take when applying for an Italian student visa in Nigeria is to download and complete the Italian application form online.

Schedule an appointment – Scheduling an appointment with the embassy at the VFS Global Office in Abuja is the fourth step. After booking your appointment, you should take the filled form along with your supporting document VFS Global Office.

Pay the visa application charge – You’re required to pay a non-refundable application fee at the VSF Global Office in Abuja.

Submit your supporting documents – The last step is to submit your document along with your application form at the VSF office. You should also supply your biometric info if applicable and wait for the embassy’s decision.

Note: You can track your application online using your receipt number and your date of birth.

What’s the Italian student visa processing time?

apply for italian student visa in nigeria processing time

Applying for your visa weeks before your travel date has an advantage and can aid your application process. The application process starts the next working day after submitting your visa application. However, it takes a minimum of 15 days to process a study visa to Italy from Nigeria. So, when applying for an Italian student visa in Nigeria, it is advisable to start your visa application immediately after securing your admission.

Whats the Italian student visa cost in Nigeria?

For Nigerian citizens vying to process a study visa to Italy, it is ideal to know the cost of an Italian student visa fee in Nigeria. This will help prepare your mind and help you plan your travel. But keep in mind that the Italian student visa fee may change as it is subject to the exchange rate at the time of application. However, an Italian student visa costs up to €99 which is equivalent to NGN 39,518.

What are the Italian student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens?

For your visa to get the approval of the Italian authority, you must satisfy some requirements during your application. The following documents are the requirement to satisfy when you’re applying for an Italian visa in Nigeria:

Letter of acceptance – You must present the acceptance letter you obtained from the educational institution you’ll be attending.

Application form – You must tender a completed and duly signed Italy Entry Visa Application Form downloaded from the VSF website.

Nigerian international passport – Certainly, you’ll need your international passport when applying for an Italian study visa in Nigeria. Note that, your passport must be valid at least 6 months after your study date.

Passport photograph – You must provide two recent passport-size photographs in dimensions of 35-40 mm capturing your full face.

Educational documents – Original and photocopies of your previous school certificates and academic records (Bachelor degree, WAEC, etc), legalized birth records, etc will be required.

Biodata and ID – You must provide three copies of your international passport bio-data page showing your nationality, birth date, and passport number.

Invitation letter guide – You need to tender an invitation letter from the person welcoming you to Italy. The letter should be composed by the host.

Purpose of travel – You’ll provide the details of your travel itinerary indicating your destination in Italy, your flight ticket for departing and returning from the country.

Travel medical insurance certificate – You need to provide insurance covering all the days you are planning to stay in Italy. This document must cover medical costs up to €30,000.

Proof of financial backing – You must tender your bank declaration for the past 4-6 months. This will help convince the Italian authority you are capable of catering to your needs in Italy.


With this information, applying for an Italian student visa in Nigeria is easy. We only advise you to follow these steps strictly. However, you can contact us for appointment booking, the application process, and supporting documents – we are here to help.