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When you get the right information on how you can apply for a Spain student visa in Nigeria, studying in a beautiful country like Spain won’t be difficult. Many students all over the world including Nigerian students love to study outside their countries, and choosing to study in Spain is not a bad idea. In this article, we’ll tell you the easy steps you can take when applying for a Spain student visa as a Nigerian citizen. Right before we tell you what to do, you need to get familiar with a Spain tourist visa.

What is a Spain student visa?

A Spanish student visa is a type of visa awarded to a non-Spanish student willing to study in Spain. The first basic requirement to be eligible to study in Spain or apply for a Spanish student visa in Nigeria is to gain admission to any educational institution in the country. In addition, any Nigerian student who wants to study in Spain for more than three months must apply for a Spanish student residence permit.

What are the types of a Spanish student visas?

There is more than one type of Spanish student visa available to Nigerian students wishing to apply for a Spanish student visa to study in Spain and they include:

Schengen student visa (Less than 90 days) – Nigeria is not part of the EU/EEA member state and therefore, her citizens must apply for a Schengen student visa for courses shorter than three months. 

Short-time student visa (3-6 Months) – Another type of visa available to Nigerian citizens when applying for a Spanish student visa is the short-time visa. This type of visa allows Nigerian students to undergo a course that lasts up to 180 days. We advise any Nigerian student with a course duration not longer than 180 days to apply for this type of visa when they’re applying for a Spanish student visa in Nigeria.

Long-term student visa (Over 6 months) – Lastly, there’s a long-term student visa that allows Nigerian citizens to undertake courses longer than 180 days (6 months). With this visa, you are allowed to enroll in both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs and stay in Spain till the end of your program. Upon completion of your paperwork, we advise you to apply for a student residence card within a month after you arrive in Spain.

Where and when to apply for a Spain student visa in Nigeria?

apply for spain student visa nigeria

As a Nigerian citizen, you can apply for a Spain student visa at the Spanish embassy located in Lagos state. But, ensure you submit your application before your scheduled date of travel to Spain.

We advise you to start processing your visa application immediately after you’ve been offered admission to study in any of the institutions in Spain. And to avoid delays that may arise during the visa processing time, you should apply at least two months before traveling to Spain.

What’s the expected duration to obtain a Spanish student visa in Nigeria?

The average processing time for a Spanish student visa in Nigeria is usually between 1-3 months, depending on the workload of the Spanish embassy. Also, you have a part to play if you want to secure your visa fast; you must prepare the required documents as soon as possible. You may likely receive an answer from the embassy regarding your application for as short as 15 days. In essence, the processing time to obtain your Spanish student visa in Nigeria varies and depends on your preparation.

What is the cost of a Spanish student visa in Nigeria?

The cost of a Spanish student visa in Nigeria varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for. However, the Spanish student visa fee is usually €60 (70$), and the cost of a Schengen student visa to Spain is usually €80 (90$).

The step-by-step process on how to apply for a Spain student visa in Nigeria

As a Nigerian citizen, the knowledge of how to apply for a Spain student visa in Nigeria is important before you apply for your visa. This will guide you and fasten your visa approval in the long run. Listed below is the step-by-step process on how to apply for a Spain visa in Nigeria:

Gain admission – Firstly, secure your admission to any Spanish institution. This is the frontline reason you want to travel to Spain and until you are offered admission, you shouldn’t apply for a Spain student visa. After securing your admission, you should start to process your application immediately – some months before your institution’s official resumption date.

Endorse your previous educational certificates – The next step is to ensure you authenticate your previous undergraduate certificates by stamping their photocopies.

Contact WAEC to forward your result to the embassy – As a Nigerian citizen looking to further his/her education in Spain, you must present your WAEC result to the embassy. So, you should contact the WAEC office to help forward your result to the embassy.

Translate your document by a Spanish embassy certified translator – At the embassy, you’ll fulfill two forms including the Spanish form. So, you should contact a Spain Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved Spanish Sworn Translator.

Take a medical test – You can take your medical test in any Government-owned hospital in Nigeria. This will attest that you’re not suffering from any contagious disease.

Authenticate your documents – You can visit the Ministry of Education Abuja and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to authenticate your certificates.

Book an appointment with the Spanish consulate – The last step is to book an appointment with the Spanish consulate in Lagos. You can email the consulate and ensure you show up on your assigned day.

What are the Spanish student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens?

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands that every Nigerian applicant must provide certain documents upon applying for a Spain student visa in Nigeria. The documents are as follows:

Filled English and Spanish application form

International Passport – You’ll provide your international passport which must have at least six months validity.

Passport photograph – You’ll present two recent colored passport photographs.

Letter of admission/acceptance – You must have a letter of acceptance from a recognized institution in Spain showing proof of your accommodation and tuition fees.

Health insurance proof – You must present health insurance proof that must meet the Schengen embassy standard and emergency admission.

Financial proof – You must submit evidence of sufficient funds to cover your expenses while in Spain.

Explanation of the purpose of your trip – You’ll submit the details of your itinerary indicating your destination in Spain, expected duration, and your contact in Spain.

Original copies of your certificates including your WAEC statement of result.

Translated copies of all your educational certificates by a Spanish embassy-certified translator.

Other requirements include a medical certificate, police character certificate, translated and legalized birth certificate, and consent letter from the parent (for students under 18 years).


Spain welcomes thousands of international students annually, and Spain is regarded as one the best places in Europe when you’re considering applying for a student visa to study abroad. However, the step-by-step process on how to apply for a Spain student in Nigeria in this article will help you secure your visa.