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Have you been offered admission into any Swedish institution but do you need a guide on how to apply for a Sweden student visa in Nigeria? Or, are you a Nigerian student planning to study in Sweden but do you need a guide on how you can apply for the Sweden student visa? If yes, your answers are in this article, and all you’ve to do is to continue reading.

Types of Sweden student visa

When applying for a Sweden student visa in Nigeria, majorly there are two types. The visas are categorized based on the duration of your stay in the country. If your program can be completed within 90 days, then you’ll need to apply for the Sweden student visa. This type of visa is called the Type C visa, which allows holders to pursue a diploma or other short-term courses. However, if the duration of your program is more than 3 months, you’ll need to opt for a Residence Permit. This type of visa, on the other hand, is called the Type D visa, and it allows holders to stay in the country and pursue a program of duration greater than 3 months.

Why study in Sweden?

Before applying for a study visa into any country, it’s important to know the status of the educational system of that country. In the case of Sweden, the country is one of the most stable countries in the world. On an educational ground, Sweden can boast of two universities among the top 200 universities in the world and eleven universities in the world’s top 500. Swedish institutions focus on team building, self-independence, and research.

Where to apply for a Sweden student visa in Nigeria?

To apply for a Sweden student visa in Nigeria, you can visit the Swedish embassy in Abuja or VAC centers in Lagos or Abuja. The choice of where to apply could depend on the closest center to you. However, make sure to prepare all the necessary documents before visiting the Swedish embassy.

Steps to apply for a Sweden student visa in Nigeria

apply sweden student visa step by step

Knowing the right steps to take when applying for a Sweden study visa in Nigeria will make the application process less stressful. We’re fully aware of this and that’s why we’ve prepared a thorough but simplified guide on how to apply for a Sweden student visa in Nigeria:

Gain admission

Apply to be admitted to any Swedish institution of choice – this is the first step to applying for a Sweden student visa in Nigeria. After you’ve been offered provisional admission to the institution of your choice, you should proceed to download the application form online. Fill the form correctly.

Prepare the necessary documents

After filling the online application form, you should start preparing other vital documents. The Swedish embassy will access these documents before approving your visa.

Book an appointment

When applying for a Sweden visa in Nigeria, booking an appointment with the Swedish embassy is the third step. You are advised to visit the Swedish embassy in Nigeria at your assigned date and not any other day.

Pay a visa fee

At the Swedish embassy in Nigeria, you are required to pay a non-refundable visa fee. The fee is essential for your visa application process. Note that, the fee is non-refundable whether your visa is granted or denied.

Apply/attend an interview

The fifth step to take when you’re applying for a Sweden student visa in Nigeria is to submit your application. Visit the Swedish embassy in Nigeria on your appointed date to submit your documents. upon applying, you may be interviewed or asked to provide additional information. Your biometric data may also be collected at the embassy.

Collect your passport

Wait for the embassy’s decision on your application. While waiting, you can track your application online to know the status of your application. You’ll be asked to come for your passport if your visa is approved. You may get the notification via an SMS alert or an email notification.

Language requirements for Sweden student visa

Although Nigerian students can enroll in English-taught classes, it is helpful for them to learn Swedish to communicate with the locals and become familiar with the local culture. English study options are provided for postgraduate and Ph.D. degrees. Many institutions in Sweden accept the following English language test scores:

  • PTE
  • C1 Advanced

Sweden student visa processing time

When applying for a Sweden student visa in Nigeria, the processing time varies according to the type of student visa you applied for. On average, the waiting period to get an appointment for an interview for a residence permit is 2-3 months and for visas 2-3 weeks. However, the processing time may be longer during the spring/summer period to up to 6 weeks. It is advisable to apply for a Sweden student visa immediately after you have been admitted to any Swedish institution. This will make the visa ready at the time of your travel or even weeks before your travel date.

The cost of a Sweden student visa in Nigeria

The cost of a Sweden student visa in Nigeria varies according to the age of the applicant and the exchange rate at the time of application. The visa for a residence permit for study purposes in Sweden is SEK 1000 (NGN 46,000.54) for adults and SEK 500 (NGN 23,000.27) for minors. Nigerian students can make this payment online, on location at the embassy or VAC center in Nigeria, or through a bank transfer. Credit and debit cards are both accepted.

The requirements for a Sweden student visa for Nigerian citizens

man holding sweden flag ready to apply for student visa in nigeria

Any Nigerian citizen applying for a Sweden student visa in Nigeria must meet some requirements before getting a Sweden student visa. The documents include:

  • A correctly filled Sweden student visa application form that’s done online or at the Swedish embassy.
  • A letter of acceptance from a recognized Swedish educational institution showing payment of tuition fees and other related fees.
  • A receipt of a Swedish online visa application fee
  • An international passport that has at least 3 months validity beyond your return date and unused pages.
  • A copy of the first page of your passport which has your details, validity period, and travel permission to live outside Nigeria
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs of no longer than 6 months. The passport must show your full face and should be 45 mm x 35 mm in size.
  • A copy of the document attesting a comprehensive medical insurance coverage in Sweden (For a course /program less than a year)
  • Proof of sufficient funds in form of a bank statement. In the case of a scholarship, you’ll present the bank statement of your sponsor.
  • Proof of accommodation attesting that you’ve got a place to stay in Sweden
  • A cover letter explaining in detail your travel itinerary and the purpose of your study

Other requirements may include flight reservation, health status proof, certificate of social ties e.g. birth and marriage certificate, certificates of the previous school attended, and police clearance.


Getting a Sweden student visa in Nigeria is easy provided you follow the guides on how to apply for a Sweden student visa listed in this article. For any help, we can assist you with supporting documents, appointment booking, and the overall application process.