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You can apply for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria with little or no stress. This article contains all the questions you want answers to concerning this desired visa and how to get it.

These include Australia visa requirements in Nigeria, Australia visa fee for Nigerians, and Australia processing time.

We have broken all these down in this guide on Australia visa application in Nigeria. In case you want further explanations, get in touch with us on 0909-5121-909.

Australia visitor visa for Nigerian citizens

Australia visitor visa rewards applicants who deserve to visit for tourism or visiting family/friends within three to 12 months.

You can apply for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria if you also plan to visit for business reasons. Besides, this visa type applies if visiting as a sponsored applicant.

Australia visitor visa is also known as Subclass 600. The different travel purposes under are streams.

For Nigerian citizens, application for Australia visitor visa caters to all travels for above reasons. But there are other streams which are not applicable to a Nigerian traveler. One of such is Frequent Traveler Stream.

Let us consider the streams that concern those willing to apply for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria:

Tourist Stream

With two aspects (within and outside Australia), application for visitor visa under this stream gives the liberty to visit for tourism.

This visa type helps you visit Australia for three months, six months, nine months, or 1 year.

It serves the purpose of visiting for holiday or spending time with friends and family. Find out more on requirements, costs, and processing time shortly.

Sponsored Family Stream

Do you have family in Australia who wants to sponsor your travel? This type of visitor visa is perfect for you.

The visa grants you the freedom to visit Australia for up to one year. Procuring the visa is a wonder opportunity to spend time with family in Australia.

Such family member must have the right to sponsor you. Only then can you apply for Australia visitor visa and choose this stream. To be eligible, the sponsor must be a citizen or permanent resident.

Read on for details on requirements, costs, and processing time.

Business Stream

For businesspersons who desire a visa to seize business opportunities in Australia, this visitor visa gives them an incredible opportunity.

If this applies to you, then procure this visa to travel to Australia for three months. During this period, you can attend meetings and conferences. But you cannot take paid jobs or sell anything.

However, you can travel multiple times to Australia before the visa expires. We have details on details on requirements, costs, and processing time. Read on for them.

Australia visitor visa requirements for Nigerian citizens

Australia visitor visa requirements for Nigerian citizens on table

Before you apply for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria, prepare for certain supporting documents.

They make Australia visa requirements for Nigerians under the visitors’ category. You can also call them Australia visitor visa checklist for Nigerians.

See them below:

1- Proof of funds

The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants evidence that you can afford to pay for trip and care for yourself in Australia. This is in form of a recent six to 12 months bank statement.

In case you will be sponsored, then submit your sponsor’s bank statement instead. You may include a sponsorship letter to this effect.

2- International Passport

You need a valid international passport to apply for visa. A valid one would not expire within less than month as at the time of application.

Do you have an invalid passport and would like to apply for Australia visitor visa soon? Click here to see how to renew your Nigerian international passport.

3- Evidence of employment / Business ownership

This comes in different forms. The common one is the employment letter, stating role, resumption date, and salary.

Another one is the leave / employee introduction letter. This type states the companys awareness about your travel plans. It includes when you plan to travel and expected resumption date at work.

Some applicants go ahead to include both employment and leave letter from work. But if you own your business, a leave letter will suffice.

And you should include documents of business ownership (registration certificate and forms). This is how you display ownership of business when you want to apply for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria.

4- Proof of Relationship status (if applicable)

It helps when you display your ties to Nigeria. A good way to show this is true legal marriage. Submit your marriage certificate and those of your children – if this applies to you.

5- Cover letter/ travel itinerary

Since there are no visa interviews for Australia visitor visa application in Nigeria, you can use a cover letter to your advantage.

The Australia Department of Home Affairs needs to see that you are a genuine visitor. A good way to show this is through writing.

State reasons why you have chosen to apply for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria. Mention the places you plan to visit and when. Include the name and address of the place (or hotel) you would stay in Australia.

If you are meeting someone, mention them. You would need to include evidence of meeting (invitation letter) in this case. But the idea of a cover letter is to paint vivid picture of your trip to the Consular Officer.

6- Invitation Letter

If visiting a friend/relative or business partner, you need an invitation letter from them. It should mention reasons for your visit, when you would visit, and when you would depart from Australia.

The inviting party should also state your relationship with them. Importantly, your passport number, full name, and other personal details must be on the letter.

7- Hotel reservation

If applying for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria for tourism, then you must make plans for your own accommodation.

Include a valid reservation from an Australian hotel, in the city where you want to visit. If you intend to visit and stay in multiple locations, then you must have reservations from hotels in these places.

Travukwik helps process valid hotel reservation for Australian visitor visa in Nigeria. Contact us for one at affordable rates and good turnaround time.

8- Flight reservation

You also need to add a flight reservation. Note that this is only a reservation and not paid for. It should display dates of arrival and departure from Australia.

The airline you plan to travel with and unique codes (PNR) for the trip.

9- Medical certificate

Submit medical certificate to meet set health requirement

10- Police character certificate

Show that you are law-abiding by submitting a character certificate from the Nigerian police.

While we have ensured to add all necessary requirements, the authorities may choose to ask for additional documents.

We recommend that you monitor your application closely for information relating to this.

How to get Australia visitor visa in Nigeria

Man applying for Australia visitor visa on laptop

Below are the steps to help apply for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria.

1 – Create an account online

Create an ImmiAccount online. Read the information on each page carefully and complete the application form online.

2- Upload supporting documents

The steps on the online platform are directly as easy to follow. Read carefully to upload your supporting documents, ensuring that none is left out. Leaving out a document may result in refusal or delayed application.

After submission online, you will get a Biometric Requirement Letter. You need this to advance on your Australia visitor visa application.

#3- Book an appointment with VFS

VFS is in partnership with the Australian Government to provide visa services to applicants in Nigeria. Book an appointment for biometrics after successfully submitting the application online.

Visit VFS on appointment date with the Biometric Requirement Letter.

#4 – Track your application online

Once you provide your biometrics, you have successfully applied for visa. You can then monitor your application online. Click here for this.

 Biometrics for Australian visa in Nigeria

While there is no interview, you have to book an appointment for biometrics when applying for Australia visitor visa. Click here for the online booking.

Then visit VFS Global Visa application center in Lagos or Abuja on appointment date:

  • Lagos: The Manor, Plot 110 Admiral Ayinla Way, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki, Phase 1.
  • Abuja: 3rd Floor, Sterling Bank Plaza, 1083 Muhammadu Buhari Way, CBD.

Australia biometrics center in Lagos

There is only a dedicated biometrics center in Lagos;

  • Located at The Manor, Plot 110 Admiral Ayinla Way, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki, Phase 1.

It is best you choose this center if you live in Lagos or the Southern part of Nigeria. While the Abuja center is reserved for those living in Abuja and the Northern part.

Easy way to apply for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria: FAQs

apply for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria FAQs

We have compiled the common questions applicants ask before or while they apply for Australia visitor visa in Nigeria. And we have answered them in the best way possible:

How much is Australia visa fee in Nigeria?

Australia visitor visa (subclass 600) costs AUD 145. This fee excludes what you pay for biometrics, medical checkup/certificate, and police character certificate.

Is it easy to get Australia visa from Nigeria?

It is easier to get Australia visa from Nigeria when you meet the visa requirements. These include funds, health, and character requirements.

Those are documents/factors that help you earn points. The more points you score, the easier it would get to get Australia visa as a Nigerian applicant.

Is Australia Embassy in Lagos?

Australia embassy is not in Lagos. Instead, the embassy is situated in Abuja at:

  • 48, Aguiyi Ironsi steet, 5th Floor, Oakland Centre, Maitama Abuja

But, there is a visa biometric center for Australia visa application in Lagos. VFS Global controls this center and it is at:

  • The Manor, Plot 110 Admiral Ayinla Way, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki, Phase 1.

Is Australia Embassy in Nigeria open?

Australia Embassy in Nigeria is open around the year, except on public holidays. Find out about the time when the embassy is not open here

In case you need information on the submission center instead, VFS Global opens for biometric at varying periods. Find out about this here

Can I travel from Nigeria to Australia Now?

After the COVID outbreak, countries began to shut their borders. But many of them have started to open up to visitors.

Australia has just recently announced that the opening of their border to travellers.

How much is tourist visa from Nigeria to Australia?

Tourist visa from Nigeria to Australia costs AUD 145.

What is Australia visitor visa processing time?       

The processing time for Australia visitor visa depends on many factors, including verification some documents. It can last from one to seven months.

You can track your application online to monitor your Australia visitor visa application.


Contrary to popular opinion, you can apply for Australia visitor visa without stress. It involves gathering required documents and submitting them online.

It also involves biometrics at VFS Global center in Lagos or Abuja. Then monitoring the application online.

In case you need assistance with your Australia visitor visa application in Nigeria, speak to us on 0909-5121-909 (Call/WhatsApp).