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Nigerian student in France with a student visa.

Apply for France student visa in Nigeria using the tips in this article. France student visa application in Nigeria can take time and effort. But these would worth it at the end of the day.

France is fast becoming a popular study destination for African students. The country welcomes everyone regardless of skin colour. So, if possible occurrence of discrimination worries you, relocating to France for study might be the perfect choice.

In this article, we have compiled all the information you need to get on France study visa in Nigeria. These include:

  • France student visa requirements
  • France student visa financial requirements
  • How to apply for France visa online

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France Student Visa

You can study in France by procuring the student visa. When you apply for France study visa and travel, you have the right to stay in France for four or more years. Your study needs dictates how long you can stay on this visa.

During this period, not only can you live in France as you wish. You can also travel to other Schengen countries (25+ of them) freely including Germany and Belgium. All this is possible without additional documentation.

But, note that all study purposes in France do not need France study visa application in Nigeria. For studying in France for 90 days or less, apply for France visitor visa instead. Click here to see how.

France study visa or permit is officially known as VLT-TS visa. It belongs to the class of France long term visas. Other visa types in this class include:

  • Work permit
  • Marriage visa

France student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens

There are things you need to apply for France study permit in Nigeria. These are documents that make you eligible for the visa:

  • Offer letter

A valid offer letter from a study institution in France is essential to your application. It is proof of your purpose of visit.

  • International passport

Your passport should be six months valid as at the time you apply for France student visa in Nigeria.

  • Proof of funds

The embassy needs to see that you have enough money to take of your study and live in France. Without meeting this France study visa requirement as a Nigerian, you cannot get a visa to study.

  • Previous academic certificates and transcripts and CV

You need your WAEC result and transcript from any higher institution that you have previously attended. Also, you need your curriculum vitae (CV) as well.

  • Birth certificate

You may need to submit your birth certificate during France student visa application in Nigeria.

Since you must be 18 years or above before applying for this visa, submit an affidavit in case you have lost your certificate.

  • Certificate of accommodation

The embassy also needs to see your certificate of accommodation before issuing a France study visa in Nigeria.

Unlike France visit visa, you cannot use hotel reservation to apply for France study permit as a Nigerian. Get an accommodation certificate instead. It shows duration of stay and the address you will reside during this period.

Meanwhile, you can submit the means of identification of your host if you will be staying with someone in France. You may also have to submit their utility bills as well.

  • Schengen travel insurance

You need Schengen travel insurance for your France student visa application. As a Nigerian, we recommend you get 90 days to six months travel insurance for your application.

Schengen countries warrant that your insurance document cover the entire period of your stay. And you may think that you should get 4 – 5 years insurance from Nigeria to comply with this rule.

This is not the case for a France study permit application in Nigeria. You only need to show three to six months insurance, because the embassy will also issue same duration for your long-stay visa.

Then you can apply for a National visa when you arrive in France – with the valid long-stay visa you got from Nigeria.

  • Visa application form

Applying for France student visa involves filling an application form.

  • Other necessary documents

Your unique situation may compel you to submit other supporting documents. You may include your marriage and children’s birth certificate.

Also, you may submit your proof of business ownership as ties to Nigeria and evidence that you plan to return home after studies.

Similarly, submit an affidavit of sponsorship if using a sponsor’s bank statement as proof of funds. It helps to show that your sponsor is consents to helping you study abroad.

Applying for France student visa in Nigeria

  • Get your required documents

Apart from valid admission from a school in France, prepare other documents including your proof of fund.

  • Create an account on Etudes en France portal

Click here to register as a user. Select Campus France Nigeria. Fill all necessary details and pay Campus France charge. After payment confirmation, you will get notification about preliminary interview booking.

Send an email to Campus France Nigeria once you book an appointment for confirmation on what to documents to attend interview with. Their email address:

  • Fill application form online

Click here to fill an application form online. You need this to apply for France student visa in Nigeria.

  • Book appointment with VFS Global

Click here to visit the VFS Global official website to book an appointment. VFS partners with the French government to visa processing in Nigeria.

  • Submit application on appointment date

Visit VFS on date of appointment. They have offices at;

  • Lagos: The Manor, Plot 110 Admiral Ayinla Way, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki, Phase 1.
  • Abuja: 3rd Floor, Sterling Bank Plaza, 1083 Muhammadu Buhari Way, CBD.

France student visa work permit? Work while studying

It is normal to wonder if you can work while you study in France. While it is popular that countries like the U.K and Canada permit this, applicants don’t know if this applies to France.

As a student in France, you have the right to work part-time – either on the campus or outside of it. This is technically not a “France student visa work permit” as mostly found online. Instead, it is a benefit that comes with your France student visa or student resident permit.

With your valid France student visa, you can work for more than 900 hours yearly. At this job, you are entitled to earn a minimum wage at least.

France student visa financial requirements

When you want to apply for France student visa in Nigeria, you must meet the financial requirements.

This means that you should show evidence of money in bank account. This could be yours or that of a sponsor. In other cases, you could include evidence of scholarship if this applies to you.

The money in bank should cover travel, schooling, and living expense in France. The estimate for living cost by the authorities is EUR 615 monthly. Consider this cost when submitting a recent six to one year statement of account for your visa application.

France visa fee in Nigeria

France visa fee is EUR 80 and you will pay the Naira equivalence of this amount. However, you will pay more money to apply for France study visa in Nigeria.

Campus France Nigeria charges NGN 50,000 processing fee. In addition, you will pay VFS Global service charge for appointment booking and for processing application.

France Student visa processing time in Nigeria

Campus France Nigeria advises that you should apply for visa as early as three months before program starts.

The estimated processing schedule of the embassy is 15 working days. But the earlier you apply the better.

France visa application form

France visa application form is available online. It is easy to use and requires internet connection. The pages of the online form seek to collect your basic information. So ensure you have your international passport, details of accommodation, and other relevant information handy.

Click here to fill the form online.

France embassy reopening in Nigeria

France embassy reopened in Nigeria in July. Since then, applicants can apply for France visa in Nigeria. The embassy closed after the COVID outbreak and has resumed a part of their sections.


Follow the process in this guide and you will be able to apply for France student visa in Nigeria. You need some documents and meet France study visa requirements in Nigeria.

You have to pay visa fee (EUR 80) and other service charge to process this application. Importantly, it is better you apply for the France study permit three months before academic year starts.